*Students will log in the same way they did prior to this change. If they get an error, please have them contact their building secretary or counselor.*

Download the PowerSchool app on your smartphone! District code is THXD

PowerSchool Parent App for Android

PowerSchool Parent App for Apple

Basic setup-

CREATE AN ACCOUNT-you cannot log in with the previous user id and password without creating your new account!

When creating your account, Access ID and Access Password are CaSe SeNSiTiVe. This is the same parent information you used to log in prior to this change. Your access id and password should be listed at the bottom of your child's grade card. Use the parent information for the bottom section of the screen. Students will still log in as they did before.

If your access id and password are emailed to you, they cannot be copied and pasted into the fields

  • Log in with new account created

  • Click on student you want to view at the top of the page.

  • Set up Email Notification screen (previous settings don't transfer over)

The most common reasons you get an error when creating an account:

  • Access ID and Access Password are case sensitive-you must enter them the way they are listed. 

  • In the bottom section you need to enter YOUR (parent) Access ID and Password next to the student 

  • Trying to create an account with the student username and password 

For more detailed instructions, click here.