Stockton Breakfast/Lunch Info

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Breakfast starts at:

  • 7:25 for Elementary & Middle School

  • 7:20 for High School

22-23 Free/Reduced Letter to Parents

22-23 Free/Reduced Public Release

22-23 Free/Reduced Application

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child doesn't want to eat school lunch? Why should I fill out the form?

Even if your child chooses to bring their own lunch, or goes to a school where all students receive free lunch, filling out the form is very important! It ensures that your school gets all of the funding and benefits available to support teachers and students.

How does filling out the Free/Reduced Application help my school?

  • Schools may become eligible for money to fund afterschool programs.

  • Schools get more money in their budgets to support students.

Is the Information I Submit Confidential?

  • Personal information submitted on the form is not shared with the state or federal government: only the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch is shared.

  • Principals and teachers are not told which students qualify for free or reduced lunch benefits.

  • If your child qualifies and chooses to eat lunch in the cafeteria, the breakfast and lunch process is the same as a student who is paying full price.

If I don’t qualify now/if my situation changes, may I apply later?

You may apply at any time during the current school year.

Download the Nutrislice app for your device.

Once downloaded, you will have the school menus and photos of the food options at your fingertips.

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