Students wanting to transfer into Stockton R-I Schools will need to do the following:

  1. Properly withdraw from your previous school. Make sure to pay any fees, fines, or bills so your records will not be held.
  2. Contact the Stockton Guidance Office and make sure they are aware of your intentions to enroll.
  3. The guidance office will require you to complete a new student packet. Students/parents are often allowed to take the packet home to complete.
  4. The guidance office will send a records release to your previous school. You will not be able to begin classes until all records have been received. Parents/students are encouraged to contact their previous school and make sure the records are sent ASAP.
  5. Parents/students will have to be able to show proof of residency before they will be accepted for enrollment.
  6. Upon receiving records, the guidance office will verify if all records are clear and if the student is clear to enroll. Shot records should be up to date and the student should not be under any type of suspension.
  7. The parents/students will be contacted and the guidance counselor will work with the student to develop a schedule of courses.
  8. The student will be assigned a locker and given a tour of the school.

Note: Students entering from homeschool creates a special situation. Parents should contact the High School Principal or Counselor for more information. 417-276-8806

Transferring Out:
In the event that a student should find it necessary to withdraw from school, the following procedures are applicable:

  1. Notify the principal or counselor of the intent to leave school and the reasons for such action.
  2. Obtain a withdrawal form from the office to be presented to each teacher and the counselor so that they may give the student grades for work completed and provide necessary transfer information.
  3. Return all books and equipment belonging to the school.
  4. Pay all fees, dues, and bills. Fees owed to the school may prevent the release of records to transferring school district.
  5. Request that official records be forwarded to the school to which the student is transferring.

Note: No transcript or any other records will be sent until all school property is returned and all debts are paid.

You can request records from the guidance office by fax or email:

Fax: 417-276-8620
Email: Kburns@stockton.k12.mo.us